Adult Coaching

Time Management, Clutter Control, Managing Paperwork, Relationship Skills, Goal Setting, Money Management, Follow Through and Task Completion

What would you like to accomplish?

What gets in your way???

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Kids & Parents

Learn Communication Skills, Improve School Performance, Learn to be a Better Friend, Get Your Chores Done Without a Hassle, Understand what makes you a “cool kid” and how you can use that to your best advantage. 

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High School/College

Study Skills, Life and Career Planning, setting and achieving goals, accepting your greatness, developing great people skills with peers, parents and other adults.  Learn how to succeed at school or in life by truly knowing and understanding yourself.   Co-Create a future where you can be successful in your own right. Learn how to transition successfully from high school to the real world. Develop strategies for staying on an academic track at college.  Learn to manage time, money, a social life  and academics while away from current structures and supports.



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