My mission as a Life Coach in Denver CO and around the world is to support, encourage, and hold you accountable while you complete your goals and achieve your dreams.

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Coaching assists you in creating a more successful and satisfying life.

An ADD ADHD Coach provides life coaching for people experiencing ADD or ADHD symptoms and behaviors.

Career choices, organizational skills, time management, financial awareness, relationships, stress management, and healthy living are some of the areas addressed through the ADD ADHD coaching process.

Collaboratively, with me, as we work together you can learn to create frameworks, structures, and environments that make life more user friendly, successful, and productive.

You can develop action plans that get the results you want.

You can experience a system of support that helps you hold the vision, overcome the obstacles, and cross the finish line as the champion you truly are. I can work with you because I have been there. I have ADD ADHD, and I understand . Call me 303-674-5709. I’d love to talk with you.


Kay Axtell ADD ADHD Coach

Kay Axtell MS SCAC


Meeting the Needs of Individuals with ADD in Denver, CO and Around the World