Adult Coaching

Adult Coaching

Time Management, Clutter Control, Managing Paperwork, Relationship Skills, Goal Setting, Money Management, Follow Through and Task Completion

What would you like to accomplish?

What gets in your way??? Lots of stuff.  ADD and ADHD can actually be a powerful resource, when channeled in effective ways.                           

There are many talents, gifts, strength, and, yes, geniuses that folks like you and I (yes I have ADD ADHD…I understand all of this from the inside) with this “disorder” have that “normal” people don’t have.  You have all of that and much more. You are more than you know you are, you know? Many of the world’s most creative, inventive, and successful people have this horrible “disorder”. The challenge is to give it shape and form. And to hold on to those dreams long enough to create what you desire before other “stuff” gets in the way. Structure, which you might have thought of as the “enemy” (boring) can actually become your friend. And that can move you in the direction of your dreams.

I can help. I understand. I am here  right now.  I live it every day. I am with you here, now. I can help to guide you in  the directions you want to go. And it’s always about you.  Call me. I’m always happy to talk with you. Call Kay 303-674-5709 now. Obviously, I’m very busy and if you hit my voice mail, please leave a message. I promise to call you back as soon as I can.