Calling all Juniors and Seniors in High School AND their parents!


college-studentsREADY FOR THE NEXT STEPS?


Students with Executive Function Challenges often manage to graduate from high school because structures, strategies and supports have been provided by parents, teachers, professionals and friends.  Those supports magically disappear when that diploma is achieved.  Young adults often face their futures with the expectation that they can handle life “on their own”.  In my 13+ years of coaching I have seen the unfortunate result of that thought process.

Students further down the road tell me “I wish I’d known then what I know now.”  The “now” for new and future grads is a perfect time to plan, prepare and problem solve for a somewhat smoother ride into the future.  The “now” for parents is the opportune time to better support their young adults toward being more independent and productive in life.

Students who plan to go to college benefit from learning to gain awareness of skills needed in order to survive in a new environment away from the supports that they have had in place previously.  Some of that awareness might be around: staying on an academic track with the new and ongoing challenges of college or  managing time money and a social life on their own.

Students who plan to go to work need to acquire the skills needed to get and keep a job, determine what strengths, aptitudes and interests they have that will create a career field match for their future, or  explore the possibility of training programs.  They benefit from a plan determining where they will live and how they will pay for it.  How will they make it from paycheck to paycheck and cover food, transportation and other living expenses. Are they prepared to handle cooking, cleaning and laundry on their own.  If they plan to live with parents, what agreement is in place?

Click this link for information about a half-day workshop for young adults and their parents covering these topics.  NOW is a perfect time to take that NEXT STEP.