ADD/ADHD Resources

As an ADD and ADHD Coach,
I Recommend…


Susan Macintosh A great friend from “down under” (Australia). Susan understands ADD/ADHD Coaching.

Bernadine Merker Bern is an amazing Family Counselor, and understands ADD/ADDHD so very well. 

Allison Rimland Allison works across a broad spectrum, especially with PTSD issues

Bonnie Mucklow Families at 5. Bonnie is great for addiction issues.

Kathleen Chabin, Psy.D Excellent psychologist.

CHADD (Children and Adults with ADD) A great organization with lots of resources.

Dr. Ned Hallowell Author of some great books on ADD ADHD. A pioneering authority on ADD ADHD.

Steve Axtell Clinical Hypnotherapist and my Hubby.  I might be prejudiced, but I did put him last. Just go to his website. Cool stuff!

Alan Brown, ADD Crusher  Alan’s dynamic persona engages you in powerful video instruction providing alternative ADHD treatments and strategies. My clients find this to be an excellent “add on” to my coaching services. It is  also effective as stand-alone. And make sure you use Promo Code LIFE15 to save 15% on any purchases at


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